Hi Sharon. Hope you are well. Just to say I’m really pleased with the filler/lips – the results are lovely and natural. Here’s a photo of them today.I would deffinitely be interested in looking at your suggestion of a little filler to reduce nasolabial folds next time you are in Leeds. Let me know when your next clinic will be (and I promise not to become addicted to fillers lol!! )

Before I met Sharon I was always very nervous about going to the dentist, I never had a bad experience but always got very anxious about the whole thing and in the past I have even had sedation just for fillings,scale and polish! When I came to the surgery Sharon, she was very friendly/professional and put my mind at ease. She talked me through everything she was doing and even stopped every few seconds during the scale and polish to make sure I was ok.Sharon gave me a small ball which I had to keep passing between my hands while she was doing the procedure, it gave me something to focus on,so I relaxed more, it was a great idea and really worked. I definitely, now won’t be needing any more sedation next time I visit the dentist

Hey Hun just wanted to say thank you again – love the results already xxx

It’s great, so natural and I have no creases!!

Hi Sharon. Hope you are well. Am still delighted with the results of my fillers. And am drinking WAY more water!! Just wondering if you know when your next clinic in Leeds will be as i’ll put it in the diary?