How Can You Save Your Skin After The Winter Lockdown?

Lockdown 2.0 might give us a chance to come in from the cold and escape the increasingly harsh weather, but how much can it really do for our skin?

With many of us now working from home and more prone to ramping up the central heating to fight off the biting chill, there’s still a good chance that our skin can dry out just as quickly as it would during the daily commute. Throw extra snacking into the mix and you’re left with a stronger possibility of those unwelcome autumn breakouts. Hardly ideal with Christmas just around the corner!

Fortunately, Coventry-based practitioner Dr Sharon Kaur is ready and waiting to help those currently suffering from the worst effects of lockdown skin. Save Face accredited, Dr Sharon offers a wide variety of aesthetic tweakments including fillers, rejuvenating skin treatments such as Botox and some well-timed vitamin therapy. How can Dr Sharon breathe new life into your appearance and save your skin after the winter lockdown? Find out more below!

Skin treatments

Dermaplaning – This super-thorough physical exfoliation allows your fresher and newer skin to shine through. No more dread on the team Zoom calls!

Skin peels – These will give you an instant refresh resulting in smoother and cleaner skin. Dr Sharon offers medical-grade skin peels at her award-winning clinic in Coventry. These have minimal downtime and can be targeted to your specific skincare concerns.

Microneedling – This amazing collagen-inducing treatment gives your skin the kickstart it needs. Ever wondered how celebrities have such glowing skin? It’s microneedling! This treatment helps to resurface your skin by encouraging collagen production. Yes, collagen, the stuff that we all start producing less as soon as we hit 25! Head over to Dr Sharon’s Instagram (@drsharonsfacialaesthetics) to see some amazing before and afters!


Botox® – Regardless of how, when and why they appear, we’re sure you’ll agree that the formation of wrinkles on several prominent areas of the face is less than flattering. Staring at computer screens and home schooling has taken its toll! The number of patients that have travelled to see Dr Sharon in Coventry has risen dramatically. These wrinkle relaxing injections can be administered in little as 15 minutes! Dr Sharon, who is an experienced dental surgeon, has seen a sharp increase in patients requesting Botox® – not only to soften wrinkles but also to help with tension headaches and clenching. Those who book in for Botox® – a treatment that temporarily relaxes the muscles in the face – will benefit from a smoother, more radiant look perfect for that socially distanced Christmas party!

Skin boosters and Profhilo® – Cheeks, chins, lips and a host of other facial features can slowly lose their definition over time, something that you’ve probably become much more aware of when checking out how you look on Zoom! Dr Sharon’s bespoke technique allows skin fillers to reintroduce some essential volume to these key elements of the face, reducing loose skin and adding natural rejuvenation.

Profhilo® is a sophisticated skin remodelling treatment used to rehydrate the skin and target ageing tissue with the help of pure hyaluronic acid. This is one of the most requested procedures at Dr Sharon’s Clinic in Coventry!

Vitamin B-12 shots – Suffering from a bad case of the blues? It’s not uncommon to feel lethargic in the run-up to the new year, especially after the 12 months we’ve had! With research suggesting that deficiencies in Vitamin B-12 are linked to depression, brain fog and weight gain it’s a good idea to replenish your supplies of this vital micronutrient as a way of restoring some much-needed balance.

Book in with Dr Sharon

With lockdown and an endless run of skin concerns coming together to cause us some serious aesthetic hangups this November, getting to a place where you’re comfortable and happy with how you look might seem almost impossible. Not if you book in with Dr Sharon, however. Contact us today or call the clinic for a complimentary consultation to discover more about her services and what she can do to give you that perfect post-lockdown look!