About Dr Sharon

Dr Sharon Profile PhotoFor the restoration of skin that is healthy, clear, glowing and youthful, consider exploring your options for effective and non-invasive revitalisation with Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics – to enjoy the most bespoke and comprehensive Aesthetics Clinic Coventry has to offer.

During Dr Sharon’s career, she has always been involved in fashion, beauty therapy and aesthetic dentistry.
As a seasoned dentist, spanning more than a decade, Dr Sharon has developed a unique blend of aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. Most importantly this has focused her on delivering enhanced results whilst synergistically upholding natural faces.

Dr Sharon has a careful understanding of collective areas of aesthetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation including detailed facial anatomy, tissue healing, photo-damage to the skin, assessment of tonicity and form.These are all carefully tailored to limited specialised interventions, with emphasis on a natural look. Studying the whole person is of paramount importance when creating the perfect bespoke aesthetic package. Dr Sharon’s passion for facial aesthetics looks to provide reinvigorated, glowing yet natural skin, thus allowing confidence, real joy, and happiness.

Dr Sharon’s reputable dentistry and aesthetics practice is accredited with Save Face – the Professional Standards Authority accredited register, recognised by NHS England and the Department of Health, alongside registration with the independent Care & Quality Commission (CQC)

Dr Sharon is listed as a featured practitioner in The Tweakments Guide by award-winning beauty journalist and author Alice Hart-Davis – serving as a testament to the quality and excellence delivered with every treatment at Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics.

So for delicate, believable and radiant results that are unique to you, begin your tailored treatment journey with Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics Clinic Coventry.