It’s with great pleasure and delight that we’d like to announce that Dr Sharon has been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories at the upcoming Dentistry Awards 2019. Nominated for an award in the Best Practice and Best Patient Care categories, this shortlisting is testament to Dr Sharon’s dedication to her work, her wide-ranging expertise and her belief in the power of subtle, natural beauty enhancements over complete aesthetic overhauls.

This dual nomination joins the long list of industry accreditation that has already shone an incredibly positive light on Dr Sharon’s unique craft. Save Face-accredited, her work within the aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics industries has long been recognised by the NHS and The Department of Health, with her services carefully regulated by the Care & Quality Commission (CQC).

The Dentistry Awards 2019

For over ten years, The Dentistry Awards have formally recognised high quality, excellence and skill in all areas of dentistry. Placing a focus on the many dental practices, teams and individuals that populate the profession in the UK and Ireland, The Dentistry Awards is the largest accolade-presenting institution of its kind and doubtless the most prestigious, owing to the judging panel it comprises to make its awarding choices. Consisting of a great number of dental industry experts and icons, the panel’s combined expertise is well-recognised, with its participants more than qualified to make the all-important decisions.

Following tradition, this year, the award ceremony will once again be held within the captivating environs of the Athena in Leicester, a venue more than glamorous enough to celebrate the skill and commitment to quality of those nominated.

In addition to the Best Practice and Best Patient categories, there are five more awards up for grabs on the night, with the panel also required to choose winners for Best Team, Best Young Dentist, Best Team Member, Best Dental Nurse and Best Website.

Good luck, Dr Sharon!

Committed to the highest dental standards and patient care, Dr Sharon’s nominations are truly an acknowledgement of her patient-first philosophy, dedication to continued education and a duty of care that extends far beyond that which is expected.

This year’s ceremony is due to take place on Friday 22nd November 2019 at Athena, Leicester. Tickets can be purchased by calling 01923 851771. Good luck, Dr Sharon. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you!