Whether we’re looking to accentuate our best features or cover up those areas we feel are less than desirable, every time we reach into our makeup bags we strive to make ourselves into the best versions of what we can be.

The appearance of acne

This is particularly true for those who use makeup as a way of hiding away any blemishes present on the skin. Indeed, for many of us, acne is something that can conjure great feelings of horror and embarrassment, whether this common skin condition appears in any of its minor or major forms.

Such is our distaste for the spots, pimples and assorted comedones (whiteheads and blackheads) that can be recognised as acne, we often turn to makeup as a way of covering these areas up. The irony is, however, that some brands and types and makeup can actually encourage the formation of acne due to their comedogenic properties, adding to the problem rather than addressing it.

Non-comedogenic makeup

Dependent on your skin type and individual genetics, you’ll either naturally be more predisposed to developing acne or you won’t be. Those with excessively oily skin, a result of the over-production of the body’s natural supply of sebum, will develop the clogged pores that can display themselves in the often confident-destroying form of whiteheads and blackheads. It’s a problem that can turn into a vicious circle if the use of comedogenic makeup persists.

This is where the growing availability of non-comedogenic makeup can be your best friend.

Non-comedogenic makeup rectifies this issue by its inclusion of ingredients that are not known to contribute to the blockage of pores. That means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that using products of this sort won’t leave you with more than you bargained for in the form of additional, soul-destroying patches of acne. In fact, regular use of non-comedogenic makeup could lead to a reduction in the development of comedones and the appearance of breakouts, giving those struggling with acne a much-needed boost.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that non-comedogenic makeup is a cure-all for treating the symptoms of acne, though, as you will still need to adhere to a thorough skin cleansing routine to manage fully these concerns. Some people will find this sort of regular skin maintenance, in partnership with the use of non-comedogenic makeup, is enough for the improvement of skin health, clarity and complexion. Others may not be so lucky and may need to look into topical creams, medications and dermatology visits if they feel necessary.

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The likes of bareMinerals, Glo Skin Beauty, La Mav and Clinique have produced foundations, powders and liquid makeups all geared towards supporting you in your struggle against acne. Try them today, and start to use makeup that cares for your skin as much as you do.

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