Our lips do a lot for us. Crucial in helping us to eat, speak and express our intimacy, the role of this body part is often taken for granted. But, after a lifetime of living, our lips can lose their fullness and become thinner versions of their former selves, appearing less in proportion to the rest of our faces and experiencing increasingly asymmetry.

Daily activity aside, uneven and ill-proportioned lips can also come about as a result of genetic factors. Either way, lips that lack punch and prominence can cause us all sorts of confidence problems.

The popularity of lip fillers

It’s for this reason that lip fillers enjoy so much popularity. Administered into carefully-selected areas of the lip, it’s the role of this form of aesthetic procedure to restore the volume, shape and smoothness that our lips have lost with the passing of time.

Most lip fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that gradually disappears from our body over time. The re-introduction of this vital protein to our lips ensures of increased hydration and a return to a plumper, better-defined and more shapeful appearance.

Questionable lip filler trends

With these types of treatment becoming increasingly accessible, there has also been a rise in what many have viewed as questionable lip filler trends. The most recent of these – known variously as “Russian lips”, “devil lips” or “octopus lips” – has taken the world of social media by storm. Said to have been created by a Russian plastic surgeon, this unique style of lip-altering treatment can be distinguished by the dramatic wave effect it leaves on the lips of the patients in question.

Certainly unorthodox, many people have questioned the legitimacy of this treatment and have suggested that this distinctive style is the product of either makeup or appearance-altering technology. Should “Russian lips” actually turn out to be a realistic form of treatment, however, they should be considered an unsafe and dangerous practice because of the irregular way in which they would need to be administered.

Dr Sharon’s lip filler masterclass

When administered in a safe and controlled manner, lip fillers can prove an awe-inspiring enhancement to our lips. The award-winning Dr Sharon, accredited by Save Face and an Educational Supervisor for Health Education England, offers a series of comprehensive training courses for practitioners looking to sharpen their skills and build on their existing experience. In terms of lip fillers, Dr Sharon offers a complete lip filler masterclass that covers the basics of lip filler administration and facial rejuvenation.

After participating in a detailed course on lip fillers and their application, your training will end with Dr Sharon sitting in on your first administration of a lip filler to a patient, offering detailed supervision throughout the treatment.

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Privileged to be a part of many practitioners’ educational journeys, Dr Sharon’s training courses are famed for their professionalism and quality. To find out more about how to book your lip filler masterclass with Dr Sharon, please call 02476304897 or email info@drsharonsfacialaesthetics.co.uk.