You can buy physical transformation. If you don’t like your hair, you can change it. Get highlights, a haircut, extensions, or a blow-dry. Your clothes? Just take a trip to your local shopping outlet and go mad! Your face? Simple- there are so many treatments available today that can completely transform your appearance. If you don’t like something (and you can afford the treatment), then you can change it.

BUT – have you ever thought to yourself: “If only I looked like that I could finally be happy”? Maybe you want to be a certain weight or a certain dress size? Maybe “that” is a different nose or a straight smile. All these things may be achievable, but will these changes really provide true happiness? Will they make you happier with your life? Most of all: will they improve your sense of self worth? Will they make you like yourself more?

My Ethos and Patient Wellbeing

As a medical professional as well as a specialist in facial aesthetics, I must maintain a careful balance between treating my patients’ aesthetic desires while being mindful of their mental and emotional wellbeing. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of my treatments, but I know that power can only do so much. A “tweakment” can provide a major confidence boost, but it could be just a bandage on top of a much bigger problem. Before you decide to go through with an aesthetic procedure, take a look inward and evaluate the reason you are getting the treatment. What are your expectations? Do you expect to feel like a brand new person? Do you think the treatment will change everything and bring you fulfillment? It’s important to make sure you are receiving a treatment for healthy reasons with realistic expectations.

Your care is my number one concern, which is why I will never recommend a treatment if I believe it isn’t suitable, and I will always need to see my patients for an in-depth initial consultation before I can recommend a treatment of any kind. I see my patients as people- not just another customer! It is my goal to help my patients transform emotionally as they transform physically. The physical “tweakments” are minor and subtle, but emotional transformation is huge. Money cannot and will not buy happiness- and neither can “tweakments”. Tweakments can boost your confidence and change your outer appearance, but your inner happiness is deeper. A positive sense of self cannot be bought- rather you must treat yourself with kindness, gentleness, and love.

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