Today, more and more young people are considering the options available to them for aesthetic alteration, under the weight of the pressure to be perfect – intensified by social media and the beauty industry.

While most people experience fleeting insecurities with elements of their appearance at some point in their lives, some may find that this dissatisfaction is more difficult to shake off – and runs deeper. In some cases, this intense discontent can be given a name – Body Dysmorphia.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder – or BDD – is a mental health difficulty affecting men and women of all ages, particularly teenagers and young adults. Often characterised by a person’s extreme and irrational fixation on their own body image, Body Dysmorphia can lead people to compare their bodies to others, spend a considerable amount of time trying to hide their perceived flaws, and to diet or exercise in excess in an attempt to change how their bodies look.

Body Dysmorphia and Aesthetics Coventry

Many people experiencing Body Dysmorphia will turn to aesthetic treatment in the hope of ‘fixing’ the parts of their bodies they consider to be flawed, for relief from the relentless negative emotions they are experiencing about their bodies.

Many procedures will go ahead. However, no matter how successful the treatment from the practitioner’s perspective, the results are rarely enough to alleviate the underlying difficulties experienced by those living with BDD – who may experience only temporary relief from their procedure, or find themselves subsequently fixating on another aspect of their bodies instead.

Increasing Industry Awareness

This means an awareness of Body Dysmorphia in the aesthetics industry is more important than ever – and there are many positive signs of this today. As a recent example, the high street health and beauty giant Superdrug – who have introduced a controversial new ‘Skin Renew’ injectable service in their flagship London store for over 25s – have implemented additional safeguards to their services.

Under the recommendations of NHS England, Superdrug now screen potential Skin Renew customers with a medically-validated questionnaire to highlight warning signs of difficulties like Body Dysmorphia – and train their practitioners to spot signs of difficulty that could be impacting their decision to undergo treatment during consultations, so they can be referred to their GP, or mental health support charities such as Mind for alternative support.

Choosing the Right Practitioner for your Needs

The prevalence of conditions like Body Dysmorphic Disorder highlight the importance of consulting with a reputable and knowledgeable practitioner, who can work with you to provide quality, natural enhancements that make the most of your existing features – and know when not to proceed with a treatment if it is not in your best interest.

Dr Sharon Kaur is a highly experienced cosmetic dental surgeon, specialising in the administration of non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments for natural skin results that are unique to you. Optimum medical safety and the highest clinical standards are of paramount importance to Dr Sharon, who assesses patient suitability and their features as a whole, working with them to enhance, rather than alter, their appearance, through subtle and precise treatments for natural, believable and bespoke rejuvenation results.

With an extensive medical background, and experience in psychology and behavioural science, Dr Sharon has the skill set to recognise such mental health difficulties, carrying out comprehensive mental health assessment with all patients before any treatment plans for anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers or skin-boosting treatments are prepared.

In addition to holding accreditation with Save Face – the Professional Standards Authority accredited register, recognised by NHS England and the Department of Health, Dr Sharon’s dentistry and aesthetic services are registered with the independent Care & Quality Commission (CQC), and undergo continual professional development for optimum standards.

Dr Sharon from Dr Sharon’s aesthetic clinic coventry based now features as a listed practitioner in The Tweakments Guide by award-winning beauty journalist and author Alice Hart-Davis – serving as a testament to the quality of Dr Sharon’s bespoke aesthetics services, delivering excellence with every treatment.

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If you would like to find out more about Body Dysmorphia, or require support, get in touch with Mind.