Whether you are obsessed with Love Island, or absolutely detest it, it’s impossible to escape the clutches of the dating show. It was only several years ago that the show was resurrected by ITV, and it immediately became a huge hit with a massive cult following. Last year it was named the most talked about TV-show on twitter, greatly increasing its presence in the public eye and gaining ITV some serious revenue. How did it become so popular? Maybe it’s the romance, drama, or the large cast of beautiful, seemingly perfect cast members. Whatever the reason, Love Island has become so hugely pervasive that it’s influence has touched not just pop culture, but our society’s standards of beauty. Learn more with Dr Sharon and aesthetics Coventry


What is the “Love Island Look”?

Even if you don’t watch Love Island, you know what the “look” is. Each woman on the show looks flawless: perfectly tanned skin, long, flowing locks, plump lips, high cheekbones, and not to mention a perfect physique. While these women are beautiful, they all look strangely similar. Their perfectly plumped lips have been enhanced in a one-size-fits all manner, their long, glossy tresses similarly styled, and their faces all glistening with the same perfectly contoured cheeks and poreless, glowing skin. 


The Love Island Look and Tweakments

It’s no secret that the cast of the reality show have had their fair share of tweakments- performed in a manner that gives them a cookie-cutter appearance, rather than uniquely enhancing their natural features. Everywhere you go, the “Love Island Look” is desired, and many shell out hundreds or thousands to achieve the same features of an islander- but should this really be the ideal standard? 


The “Love Island Look” is like a template. It’s a standard which all women are held to before they are even cast on the show, so there really is no individuality. Good tweakments, when performed by a skilled practitioner such as myself at Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics, embrace your individual features to enhance your unique beauty. I believe the best results from tweakments occur with subtle, gentle changes which ultimately enhance your already gorgeous and one-of-a-kind features. Every face is different, thus, a one-size-fits-all, “Love Island” approach with tweakments will never work. Each individual face requires a measured, bespoke treatment to provide beautiful results which are perfectly balanced and natural in appearance. 


Tweakments for You

Tweakments are all about elevating your natural features while maintaining your individuality. Good tweakments will never leave you looking like a cookie-cutter template. A good tweakment will leave you looking like your best self- unique and beautiful in your own way. I provide only the most delicate, skillful tweakments for the most beautiful, gentle, and authentic results- something the “Love Island Look” can never provide. To learn more about aesthetics Coventry and my tweakments and what they can do for you, contact me at 02476 304897.